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Buck Wild: Is that plaster in your chaps, or are you just - happy to see us at the Rocket Room on Friday?
  • Buck Wild: Is that plaster in your chaps, or are you just happy to see us at the Rocket Room on Friday?

The look of utter shock on my wife's face almost made my heart stop beating. She was checking her voicemail when I heard her scream. Either something completely terrible had happened, or it was the absolute opposite.

The message was from our dear friend Claudia. (We used to live with her years ago, along with countless other miscreants, in a squat-style apartment.) Her mother, Andra, a timid but spirited woman who had once met JFK, had three tickets to see Barack Obama speak that night in Denver, but had nobody to accompany her.

That, you see, was the reason for my wife's reaction.

Now, I realize my task is to report on the "scene," not politics, but as even John McCain has noted, Obama has many of the makings of a rock star. In fact, I have attended a couple of concerts at Mile High (including the Ozzfest with the original Black Sabbath lineup) and I have to say, Obama seriously rocked the house. With mind-blowing, competent and progressive riffs on topics like universal health care, intelligent education reform and support of individuals over corporate interests, he was on key, in tune and didn't miss a beat. Thank you Andra (and Claudia), for such a remarkable experience!

I would like to also point out that although he's greeted with an excitement usually reserved for stars of film, music and tabloid, Obama has never been an actor. He has not released an album. He was never a cast member of the Mickey Mouse Club, or the model heiress to an international hotel chain, or even the runner-up in a beauty pageant. Obama was the biracial son of a single mother, and he worked hard to become a United States senator. In doing so, he was inspirational enough to capture hearts and minds. I should think that the party of Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger would do well to note it.

In local news, I am sorry to report the closing of one of our better all-ages venues, theFactore, which saw its final show last Sunday. However, I am happy to report that Josh Martin, founder of theFactore, and before that, theElement, has already secured a new location, 2502 W. Colorado Ave., named it theLoft, and will host opening ceremonies on Tuesday, Sept. 9. Expect sets by A Novel Form, A Bird A Sparrow, Vegas Baby, Thrash Unreal and Dia Dora Vida. For the dirt on the location change and upcoming events, including many community outreach initiatives, hit up

In a superb move toward further unifying the region's arts and music scenes, Colorado Culture Cast, in cooperation with Smokebrush Gallery, will continue taping live performances of notable local bands for video broadcast. The Smokebrush Sessions, as they have been dubbed, will be recorded on the first Friday of every month from 8:30 to 10 p.m. at Smokebrush (218 W. Colorado Ave. #102), and will be aired 6 p.m., Monday through Friday on Comcast channel 17, or on the Web at and

Also getting in on the hot multimedia action is the Rocket Room, which will begin filming a live-action DVD on Friday, Sept. 5, tentatively titled Live at the Rocket Room. The shoot will boast sets from Denver's Buck Wild and Get 3 Coffins Ready, as well as an appearance by the Springs' very own Chris Winters Show. Future tapings will include presentations by the Jack Trades, El Toro de la Muerte and Mike Stephens & the Foxhole Prayers on Saturday, Sept. 27!

Thanks for listening. This has been Adam Leech, smell you later!

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