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Warning: Smoking with Billy Bob and the Boxmasters can - cause low birth-weight.
  • Warning: Smoking with Billy Bob and the Boxmasters can cause low birth-weight.

All right! Welcome back to National Leechpoon's Family Vacation. Again, I am checking in from the road after driving all day, but this week I am thrice as exhausted ... if you thought last week was sloppy, just wait 'til you read this.

So, according to my favorite inside source, former members of the Right Aways (Adrian Norris, Paul Grow and Adam Woloszyn, specifically) have started a new project that they like to call Surgery Party ... Sounds fun, right?!

Well, not much is known at this time, except that it is rumored not to be a ska band and has deemed itself "too cool for MySpace." I would love to tell you all about it, but unfortunately, they are too cool for MySpace. Stay tuned as more information becomes available, but seeing as they are too cool ... oh God, I could do this forever.

Not too cool for MySpace, but wicked cool nonetheless, is the new indie/pop project, Kings and Thieves, who can be easily contacted by typing the word "kingsandthieves" after the words "myspace" and "com." Be sure to put a period, or dot (.), after "myspace" and a slash (/) after "com." Now that's easy! Bullshit aside, Kings and Thieves (at this stage) consists of former members from In Death We Rise, with Damian Burford (whom regular readers should recognize as the new promoter at the Triple Nickel Tavern) on the bass, and their friend Marissa (aka Marika Oasispa Champinelli) tickling the plastic ivory. Very nice. Watch out for a demo and some live gigs in the not-too-distant future ... on their MySpace page.

If, due to age, or lack of transport, you cannot join me on Wednesday, July 23, at Denver's Larimer Lounge, swing your young, broke butt over to the Piano Warehouse for the all-ages, power/pop/punk party of the summer. Join California punk poppers This Time Next Year and Chicago doom poppers (bwa?) 2*Sweet, as they pull the "shirtless summer" tour wagon into town. Local support will be provided by A Novel Form and Take It to 88. So there ...

Heads up for next Thursday, July 24 ... former Springs resident and current Seattleite, James Germain, best known locally for his guitar work with the pre-post-hard-core band (and obscure Kurt Vonnegut reference) Harrison Bergeron, will be strumming out a set of bright-eyed, but not so bushy-tailed, indie/folk/rock at the Triple Nickel.

Backed by one of the most chronographically consistent drummers in the business, Jameson Becker (formerly of Laymen Terms, but currently playing with hard-rockin' local legends -itis), Mr. Germain will be performing his first in-town gig since he abandoned us for Seattle. Let's all be sure to get out and show him what a huge mistake he made by moving.

Don't forget Billy Bob Thornton is at the Thirsty Parrot on Friday, July 18, and as much as I want to poke fun at him (he's no Bruno, if you know what I mean!), the dude was married to Angelina Jolie and has probably done a little more than just see her naked. That alone is worth the chance of getting to shake his hand!

Oh boy, I'll smell that one later, for sure!

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