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Cahalen David Morrison celebrates his new CD at Kinfolks - on Friday the 13th.
  • Cahalen David Morrison celebrates his new CD at Kinfolks on Friday the 13th.

Oh man, was last weekend stupid rad, or what!? No, really ... I'm asking you! I can barely remember a thing! Seriously, folks, I don't know where you were, but the Rocket Room was taking off on Saturday night! I haven't seen a party like that, in this town, for a long, long time. But, if we can keep our scene "ball" rolling, there'll be plenty more where that came from. For this week though, I think we had better take it nice and easy ...

The legendary traditional folk balladeer, Andy Irvine, the man Hot Press magazine called "Woody Guthrie's representative on earth," will be making a rare visit to the Springs on Wednesday, June 18, for a concert at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church (730 N. Tejon St.). This will be an extremely unique opportunity to witness such an amazing musician in such an intimate setting.

Now, if Andy Irvine is "Woody Guthrie's representative on earth" then certainly Cahalen David Morrison would, at the very least, be one of Woody's regional deputies. On his brand new album, Subcontinent, available for the first time this Friday, June 13, at his Kinfolks gig, the talented local troubadour sings earnest, heartfelt ballads of America's new dustbowl. Obviously frustrated with the current state of things, Cahalen's songs build a bridge between pre-war (WWII) folk blues and post-war (WWIraq) politics. In "Song of the Lark," with a bluesy stomp, he sings "Which came first, the chicken or the egg? / Which came first, the prophet (profit?) or the beggar? / Which came first, the oil or the war? / I guess it doesn't matter "round here any more," and on the tender ballad "Chip O' Silicon," he sings, lamenting, "(I'd) trade my children for a drop of gasoline."

Man, do I hear that! On a side note, it would take more than just a drop, but I have three children, and all reasonable offers will be considered! Nyuk, nyuk.

Now, I know I said I was going to take this week easy, but how could I let a "Friday the 13th" pass without at least a brief mention of blood and guts and evil and junk ... and so, while I am on the subject, Drawing Blood will be living up to their name at the Rocket Room this Friday, joined in unholy matrimony with the heavy, distorted screams of Hellstrum and the arterial theatrics of the Go Go Gore Girls. Bad luck? No! Good times? Yes!

And it's never a bad sign when the last band on earth, I believe, to still claim to be "screamo," Pueblo's Runsfasterscared, comes to town, "Friday the 13th" at the Black Sheep. They will be joined, but not conjoined, with the vocally "diverse" Ancestra, Our Funeral Forgotten and Times Like These.

Then, just when you least expect it (Wednesday, June 18), RFS, the Hazel Branch and At the Scene will help break in Pueblo's latest "site" to be "scene," the Victoria Music Venue (1400 Sante Fe Drive, Suite F). I promise more (and better) info in the future, but for now check out No more excuses P-Blow ... show us what you got!

And so, there it is. Smell you later.

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