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The Wheel will be moving out to California just in time for - the summer of love, but you can still catch them this - coming Saturday night in a busy show at Union Station.
  • The Wheel will be moving out to California just in time for the summer of love, but you can still catch them this coming Saturday night in a busy show at Union Station.

It looks like our homegrown psych-rock jammers, the Wheel, are doing a bit of "reinventing" as they announce plans to mosey west toward the ostensibly greener pastures of Southern California. The three-piece, whose 1960s-come-'90s reverberations strongly suggest the sounds of early Cream or the Lizard King, should have no trouble breaking through to the other side.

They'll throw their farewell hurrah Saturday, May 31, at Union Station with local favorites Posis, Windjammer (they jam on the wind, man!) and the KnightBeats. Fear not, though, Wheel fans: They will return for yet one more fling in July at KRCCs Blues Under the Bridge festival.

This Friday, get ready for some Pabst-soaked blasts of high energy as Denver's purveyors of raunch-o-phonic rock, Forth Yeer Freshman, lay tracks down to the Triple Nickel. Blending the classic squelch of Guns N Roses, the timeless crunch of Motorhead and the modern sensibilities of Turbonegro, FYF will be joined by our own little spastic, fantastic party-punk bunch: the newly reformed, but still truly deformed, Lambasted, now complete with the notorious Steve O Champion (ex-Child Bearing Nuns), who doesn't really play drums, on drums.

Now, although I cannot promise you musical proficiency, or for that matter, moral decency, I can promise you this: If you are into this kind of shite, you'll be knee-deep in no time!

Do you remember the big rockabilly-swing "explosion" of the late 1990s? You know, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Cherry Poppin Daddies, the Royal Crown Revue? I had a pompadour and rolled my sleeves, Dave Mansfield played a stand-up bass, and Mike Steckley sported a zoot suit. Yeah, it's probably best not to remember it all, but one band I will never forget is the Hillbilly Hellcats, who will be playing their first Springs show in years at the Triple Nickel on Saturday.

Based out of Lafayette, the near-local trio's near-legendary debut platter, Rev It Up With Taz, featured the primal pounding of Taz Bentley (ex-Reverend Horton Heat, current Burden Brother) and blessed the world with such timeless classics as "Hillbillies on Speed, "White Trash" and "Slappin' My Baby Around." The Boxsleeves will get the party engine primed with the "live" debut of their new, leaner and meaner, three-piece combo, so what are you waiting for? Rev it up and GO!

So, last week I told you about the big T3 (Tejon, Tunes and Tapas) contest that Nosh is throwing down this summer. Well, I forgot to tell you about another sweet local music contest in the works, this one from my dear friend Bettina Swigger at the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region (COPPeR). You see, in an effort to "showcase the diverse music talent" and "attract people and businesses to the region," it's going to release a 12- to 15-song compilation disc titled, simply enough, Sounds of the Pikes Peak Region.

Aiming to appeal to a broad base of musical tastes (don't even think about it, Lambasted, you're out!), COPPeR plans to release the discs, which will be distributed heavily throughout the "region," this fall. Official rules and submissions forms (at are due June 1, but Bettina says she could extend the deadline a few days if you mention Reverb ... So, c'mon, mention Reverb already!

Smell you next time!

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