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So, I know I have a "small" reputation for talking trash on "organized" religion, seeing as how I am always "dissing Jesus." (That's an actual quote from the homeless dude who threw a rock through my window last summer.)

But, seriously now, Jesus is just all right with me. And it is certainly not because of the megachurches out east, or the super-freaks praying in front of Planned Parenthood, but because of kids like Josh Martin, former manager of the church basement venue, theElement, and the man with the plan for the new all-ages venue/space, theFactore (903 Yuma St.).

Josh is one hell (no pun intended?) of a scene-builder, and despite a fair amount of pestering from jerks like me, he simply refuses to stop kicking ass for the Lord. By creating a surprisingly forgiving and open-minded scene around some surprisingly loud bands, Josh is actually able to bring many different types of people together.

This weekend's offerings will be no exception, with both X-tian and secular music from Crush Destroyer, Recondite and At The Scene on Friday. On Saturday, it's The Brian Wights, ByTheGrace, Belane, John Strelec & the Flaming Marshmallow Bandits and The Avenue Original. Then i'ts Lorene Drive (see Punk Goes Crunk review) on Monday. Now, a saint I ain't, but if you ask me, it beats the hell out of going to church!

Now, whether God made it in a week, or whether it took billions of years of evolution, you've got to admit: The Earth is pretty f'n sweet. I especially like to breathe the air, and maybe even drink some water. I spend most of my free time on the Earth, and I for one, would be pretty bummed out if something stupid (i.e. humans) came along and screwed it all up. If you agree that clean air and water are pretty darn cool, well, maybe you better hop in your Prius and head down to the Pikes Peak Earth Day Expo at Palmer High School on Saturday.

There you will find plenty of ways to show Mother Earth a little love, including taking in eco-friendly jams with some of the best jazz, blues, folk, hip-hop and world-beat artists in town, including Plastic Mojo, The Rem!nders, Djemba Djunkies, Posis, Gushikawa and Terra-Raye outside on the Solar Stage, and Joe Uveges, John Wise, Fairlight Moriah, Cahalen David Morrison, Dana Rodenbaugh and John Skrivan playing all acoustic inside the Earth Caf. C'mon in, the water's fine -- at least for a little while longer

Later that evening (still Saturday), you can once again join Cahalen David Morrison, whose soulful Southwestern folk music stirs up sentiments of train tracks, road trips and sleeping under the stars, for another fine set at Kinfolks in Manitou, with guest vocalist Jenny Fisher and Melissa Joy Jones on the upright bass.

Or for a decidedly more experimental evening of folk music, also on Saturday, Tall City, the solo project by Chris Bullock of The Nicotine Fits, will be hitting Louie's Pizza (333 N. Tejon St.). Tall City could quite possibly be the only all autoharp, all the time project going, and I look forward to watching legions of bandwagon-jumpers try to mimic this charmingly unpolished act. I can see it now: Guitar Hero IV Autoharp Hero!

What ever is this world coming to?

Smell you later, dictator!

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