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The Aggrolites are bringing ska to SXSW this week, then to the Springs on March 20. Note: If you go, please do not request that they cover "Don't Speak" or "Spiderwebs." - LIZ BAYLEN
  • Liz Baylen
  • The Aggrolites are bringing ska to SXSW this week, then to the Springs on March 20. Note: If you go, please do not request that they cover "Don't Speak" or "Spiderwebs."

As improbable as this may sound, imagine you somehow find yourself stranded in Austin, Texas. It's the Night of the Eve of the Ides of March (the 14th), so you weren't expecting anything of this sort until the following day. You're broke, naked and alone, but do not be afraid. Just follow these simple instructions and everything should turn out just fine.

First, dust yourself off, and for Christ's sake, cover your shame. A garbage bag or burlap sack should be easy enough to find. After all, you're in Texas. Next, dial your internal rock 'n' roll radar to trash, and you should be headed toward a little dive called Headhunters. There you will find the ones they call The Mansfields, turning tricks and blasting riffs for the anointed South by Southwest congregation. Take solace in their blistering pop-rock hooks, and afterward, hit them up for a free T-shirt.

Did you get all that? Write it on your arm if you have to, because paper won't do, and without that T-shirt, there's no way in Texas youre getting in to the Buffalo Beard show the next night.

OK, so all super-weak plot set-ups aside, The Mansfields wont be the only Spgs band to be reppin' the 719 down at the Big Dance. Buffalo Beard, an alt.geek.rock//:roll> band getting more and more well-known throughout the saloons and taverns of the Rocky Mountain state, will be hitting up one of Austin's finest, Lovejoys, the very next night. Between them and The Mansfields, you may even be able to hitch a ride home!

Now, should you not find yourself broke, naked and alone in Texas, but rather, adequately funded, fully clothed and in good company in the Springs, rally said company, and make tracks on Thursday, March 13, toward The Black Sheep for the big Shatter the Skyy album release party. Now, I don't know what its got against vodka, but Shatter the Skyy reigns down some seriously fiery brimstone action, by which I mean screamy schoolhouse metal, the likes of which can only be accompanied by other local favorites The Hayman Fire, Vital Malice and Channel 27.

And if that don't satisfy your lust for local metal, how about trying a little Try Redemption on for size? Clearly the Springs most Hessian of heavy metal bands, Try Redemption will be dropping its latest audio cluster-bomb, Resurrection of Reason, at the Sheep on Saturday night, along with Khrinj, Grindscape and Recondite. I can smell the faces melting already!

And that's just a hair of this week's dog, so to speak.

There's The Jack Trades and The Haunted Windchimes at Kinfolks on Friday. Five nights later, on Wednesday, the Chimes Inaiah Lujan will be helping out with some good old-fashioned 60s-style protestation in Manitou, first with an event at WeUsOur Artists Market (10 Ruxton Ave., Manitou Springs) and later with El Toro de la Muerte and Phoenix's Voice at The Ancient Mariner benefiting Iraq Veterans Against the War.

The Rocket Room's got The Right Aways second-to-last show ever with the touring Indiana reggae punk band Lockstep on Friday. Saturday, it'll offer pulsations and gyrations with Lola Spitfire's Rocket Room Revue.

Monday, Stephanie J is at Shugas (702 S. Cascade Ave.).

And of course, there's The Aggrolites at the Sheep next Thursday, the 20th. Assuming, of course, you're not still stuck in Texas!

I'll smell y'all later!

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