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Big Show at the Sheep: Tango Red Tapestry will play with - Loverleigh, 1090 Club, Capgun Coup and The Alan Baird - Project on Sunday night. Missing this should not be an - option. - PHOTO BY JOHNNIE ENGER
  • Photo by Johnnie Enger
  • Big Show at the Sheep: Tango Red Tapestry will play with Loverleigh, 1090 Club, Capgun Coup and The Alan Baird Project on Sunday night. Missing this should not be an option.

Well dang gummit, can you believe all the horrendous and beautiful weather we've been having? It looks as though, despite a few last jabs, winter is on the way out, and if this upcoming weekend is any indicator of this summer's solid-gold, easy action ... well then, mister, you best check yourself, before you wreck yourself!

First, let me send some birthday spankings to my friend Dave Cantrell, who, along with his better half, Shalonda, keeps The Rocket Room in orbit. To celebrate, Dave is busting out some serious punk 'n roll action with an entire weekend of mind-melting birthday madness! Friday night, it's a serious LoCO showdown with The Nobodys, Hussy, The Nicotine Fits and the Dallas City madmen, Dead City Shakers. Then, for Saturday's formidable fiasco, it's all about Thruster, The Swanks, Utah's Iota and a special appearance by Dave Cantrell's Rocket Room All Stars, featuring many familiar, if not friendly, faces.

When it comes to "the good, the bad and the ugly" of authentic, deep Texas blues, nobody can hold a candle to legendary guitarist Johnny Winter. (Because, let's face it, that would be scary as hell.) Johnny, who has been kicking out jams for over 30 years and who has kept company with such undeniable blues legends as Sonny Terry, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker (just to name a few), will be performing at the Crystola Bar & Grill on Saturday, March 8, with The Jake Loggins Band opening.

Also on Saturday, the Supersuckers will be shit-kickin' and guit-pickin' at The Black Sheep, along with The Railbenders, from Denver. Also on the menu is a big old-fashioned plate of Eddie Spaghetti with a side of meatballs ... i.e. Jordan Shapiro. Mmmm, now that's some tasty sauce!

And, since you're already on a binge, how about a little nicotine for dessert? Well then, you had better shuck it over to the Triple Nickel Tavern for a little late-night treat! Starting where the 'Suckers leave off, there'll be "super" sets by a couple of bunches of "suckers" specifically, The Nicotine Fits and The Boxsleeves.

Now, in addition, I was promised drink specials and some (ahem) special attention, but you know how these things always turn out ... too good to be true? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

So, I haven't checked in on my friends in Posis since their big "Big Apple" adventure a month or so back. See, Manitou's finest were simply fed up with the sad state of "the biz" and decided to take matters into their own hands. Let me tell you, NYC didn't even see it coming! For a beautifully written expos by local writer Charley (Tuna) Reid, hit

Now, although the full band is waiting until April to debut its newest material, you can catch a little nibble of what New York got a taste of when Xanthe Alexis and Jonathan Gabriel go strumming, acoustic style, at Rico's on Friday, March 7.

Lastly, don't forget the Loverleigh show that I told you about a few weeks ago. You know the one. On Sunday. At The Black Sheep. With 1090 Club, Capgun Coup, Tango Red Tapestry and The Alan Baird Project. Yup, that's the one ...

So long suckers, smell you when I smell you!

What sucks most is when you don't send Adam your demos, photos and local gossip. He's at and at

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