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Best Of voter favorites Martini Shot can be found regularly - on area rooftops and on stages at each and every cover - band-friendly bar and venue in Southern Colorado.
  • Best Of voter favorites Martini Shot can be found regularly on area rooftops and on stages at each and every cover band-friendly bar and venue in Southern Colorado.

Before I get started with my customary ramblings, I want to first bid farewell to my editor man, Pete "What Did I Do to Deserve This?" Freedman. Ho boy, did he ever get a taste of the ol' "Springs charm"!

Well, I for one would like to thank him for his service, and wish him the best down where the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. (Dallas, that is.)

I, having been raised up proper on cool, refreshing Colorado Kool-Aid, don't know much about Dallas, except that it was home to my old ghoul-school idols, Riot Squad (now known by the name The Staggers), and that Kurt Cobain once got punched in the back of the head on stage at a place called Trees by some meathead bouncer after he smashed his guitar in the dudes face a couple of times. The video is on YouTube, but what you can't find online is that, according to legend, the bouncer was none other than Turner Scott Van Blarcum, lead singer from the previously deformed, recently reformed and totally insane, punk rock purists Pumpn Ethyl!

Best of luck to ya, Pete!

Now, back to the Western Front, where all is certainly not quiet, and the stars are as big and bright as any: Drag the River will kick off its reunion tour this Thursday at the Triple Nickel Tavern with special guests Scott Reynolds & the Steaming Beast, Slorder and 40 Engine. It's certain to sell out completely, and I suggest you show up early like about noon, last Tuesday. But fear not, if you miss the Triple Nickel show, you can try to hit them Friday at 3 Kings Tavern (60 S. Broadway, Denver), or on Saturday at the Aggie Theatre (204 S. College Ave., Fort Collins). Again, I suggest you get there EARLY!

That's not the only show this weekend likely to hit capacity. Future international hip-hop superstar Black Pegasus will be dropping his long-anticipated new album, The Black Mexican, Saturday at The Black Sheep. Also slated to take the stage that night are King Teqnyc, Hoodlums n Havoc and MaCaAtic Crew. Again, I suggest you get there EARLY!

Saturday night at The Rocket Room, meanwhile, marks the return of the old school, by which I mean late 90s, leather-jacket punks, the A-holes, who will deliver their first live show in many, many years. Some of us greybeards still remember the glory days of the Colo Spgz punk scene, when pseudo-crusties like the A-holes, The Zipperheads, The Hellhound 6 and The Deadites would pack the Underground and the Punk House on a regular basis. This show should serve as a fond reminder to those who were there, and, for the uninitiated, it should be a grimy window into our punk rock past.

Lastly, on Friday at The Thirsty Parrot, the SoCo king of the bar-band scene, The Martini Shot, is throwing a release party for its appropriately titled sophomore release, Shakin and Stirred. The band, whose reel bare naked but mighty sublime sound is known to dazzle meat markets and cougar cages from as far north as the Ritz Grill all the way down to Southside Johnny's. The band was also voted the 2006 Best Original and Cover Band by this very paper's readers ... but what the hell do we know?! Just check them out yourself. But if you do, be sure to watch out for cougars!

Beware, take care, smell you later...

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