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Sure, Black Pegasus has performed with some big names, - but were most impressed with his taste in art.
  • Sure, Black Pegasus has performed with some big names, but were most impressed with his taste in art.

Oh, man, am I sorry about last week's column. Seriously: "What I am thankful for?" Good Lord, I smothered that turkey with cheese! Well, none of that seventh-grade English gibberish this week, I assure you. Just pure, uncut "professional rock 'n roll journalism," Rocky Mountain style!

And professionally speaking, there ain't nobody, but nobody, reppin' the Rocky Mountain high like my boy Black Pegasus, our prodigal hip-hop son. Just when I think he's hit on something really big, like multiple So-Cal gigs with Pharoahe Monch and an upcoming January tour with the Ying Yang Twins, he hits up on something even bigger. This time he straight floors me with an announcement of eight shows in eight days with none other than living rap god RZA. Yes, the RZA, of Wu-Tang Clan fame! Now, I am first to admit I am no hip-hop expert but a stint with RZA is not a bad place to be, especially with P's fresh new album, The Black Mexican, about to hit the shelves on Jan. 15. If anybody around here is going to blow up, all Biggie style, anytime soon, I got my money on P. For details on the album and the shows, running Dec. 1 through Dec. 8, hit him up at

OK, now before I go into any detail about the newly reunited local band Porter, let me ask you this: How many of you even know what a glockenspiel is?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Well, not only do the guys in the Broomfield power-folk trio know what a glockenspiel is, they most certainly know how to use it! Combining premium musicianship, unrestrained youthful enthusiasm, and a musical maturity far beyond their years, their self-produced and thus-far unreleased demo, simply titled The Music of Porter, features 19 tracks of bold, heartfelt and inspiring roots rock, American style, reminiscent of such '60s folk rock super-groups as Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds and The Band. Not to mention just the right dose of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Pee-Wee Herman-era Danny Elfman and a smattering of 16 Horsepower-style "gothic Americana." Stay tuned to Reverb for more on these guys as it becomes available.

Now on to the punk rock front, where all is well, but all is most definitely not quiet. Much like its name insinuates, Stab Crew strikes fast and hard with short-but-sweet slasher flick-inspired punk rock songs. Chock full of power chords and tasteless lyrics, often of sex or death (and sometimes of sexy death, and even sometimes of sex with death), Stab Crew will be, ahem, "cutting it up" at Denver's Climax Lounge (2217 Welton St.) this Saturday, Dec. 1. Also on the bill is a heap of low-down, dirty, rotten and awesomely iniquitous punk bands, including Clusterfux, Skull Crows, Malcolm and the Oi Oi Boys, The Circumcisers and Bastard Trash.

But if that sounds too "classy" for you, catch indie pop/college rock/singery-songwritery Chris Como that same night performing at The Black Sheep to celebrate the release of his new disc, Nobody at the Wheel. He'll be joined by the lovely and talented Ms. Summer Justice, and an interesting experimental indie rock "side project turned into perhaps something more ..." called Tango Red Tapestry. Definitely worth looking into ...

That's it for now. Smell you later!

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