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The members of Los Straitjackets are big traditional - lucha libre fans. But dont let that fool you: When they - crack you over the skull with their guitars, it will hurt. A - lot.
  • The members of Los Straitjackets are big traditional lucha libre fans. But dont let that fool you: When they crack you over the skull with their guitars, it will hurt. A lot.

Bienvenidos, muchachos y muchachas, to a super LoCO edition of Reverb, or should I say Reverbaracion!

You see, esta noche, Oct. 18, the Rock en Espaol tour, which features the supersonic surf sensations Los Straitjackets y el muy frio guest vocalist Big Sandy (of Fly-Rite Trio fame), will be tackling the "big stage" down at The Thirsty Parrot. With all the intensity and excitement of an illegal backstreet Lucha Libre match, and the awesome masks to fit the bill, Nashville's Los Straitjackets have been shocking audiences all over the world with their intense instrumentals. But adding the velvety pipes of Big Sandy just puts that much more punch in the piledriver, if you know what I mean. The presale at KRCC will probably be closed by the time you read this, slacker, but if you hurry you can still grab a ticket at the door. So vamonos, you dig?

Friday, Oct. 19, is going to be a real Lucha Libre as well, for, you see, there will be two serious contenders vying for your attention. It's a matchup of Planes Mistaken for Stars, which is touting this show as its very last ever in Colorado Springs (as the band's slated to "break up" after its current tour), against Karl Alvarez (former member of the Descendents and ALL) and his new crew Underminer, for what will be their very first Springs show, over at The Rocket Room.

In the Planes' corner, over at The Black Sheep, you'll get a taste of The Nicotine Fits (who just inked a nice little deal with Zodiac Killer Records), the fury of Runsfasterscared, and the tattered and tattooed troubadour, Scooter James, who looks suspiciously similar to my long-distant acquaintance, Scooter, from the legendary East Colfax poppers Pinhead Circus!

(Pinhead Circus' set in the basement of the Hide 'n' Seek, while opening for The Nobodys and The Queers, was one of the greatest punk-rock sets ever played in Colorado Springs. And I shouldn't have to point out the irony of The Queers playing in a "gay" bar in Colorado Springs ... but I will just for fun!)

Not bad, right?

But don't throw in the towel on Underminer just yet. Not only did Alvarez recently survive a friggin' heart attack, but he's now got The Rocket Room rigged to explode with a little help from Turdus Musicus, who has been dubbed the "Best Norwegian Live Rock Act Ever" by Monster magazine, the biggest Norwegian rock magazine ever. That's a bold statement, considering Norway's home to such legendary punk rawk bands as Turbonegro, the Vikings and the Oslo Motherfuckers not to mention such black-metal super-freaks as Burzum and Mayhem!

Dark Lord of Rock 'n Roll, why must you taunt us with these decisions?!?

Well, that is, if you're even into the Dark Lord's offerings. If you're not, Jack Quinn's is hosting a show for a decidedly different crowd. There, you can expect a much nicer evening with the area's top indie jazz rock quartet, Posis, which is hoping this show will kick off a tour that will take it clear to New York City!

We wish Posis the best of luck. And we wish ourselves the best of luck in trying to figure out what to do Friday night!

Adios, amigos!

It's easier for Adam to know what to do with his weekends when you send him all the stuff he needs: band demos, photos, show information and rumors. So go ahead and hit him up at

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