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Plastic Mojos Fairlight Moriah and Joe King are - spreading some positive mojo for the soldiers in Iraq.
  • Plastic Mojos Fairlight Moriah and Joe King are spreading some positive mojo for the soldiers in Iraq.

Last week was unbelievable in regard to the folk and blues scene, as I was able to catch remarkable sets by The Haunted Windchimes, Poesis, Nick Davey, Jeremy Facknitz and the completely unexpected debut of the face-melting blues (yes, I said "face-melting blues") of The Jack Trades.

I'll try to not bore you with details, but I would like to say this: I am, to say it politely, a bit of a music snob. I listen to loads of music in almost every genre, but have very little patience for soulless, overproduced or financially driven commercial garbage. I like my music to mean something, and everything I heard last week did. Thank you all!

The Pikes Peak Blues Community is more active than ever these days, producing brilliant shows by national musicians at The Thirsty Parrot like Big Sandy with Los Straightjackets on Oct. 18 and local shows of equal brilliance at numerous venues throughout the region.

This Sunday, Sept. 23, the community will be hosting a local "Celebration of Music" at the Navajo Hogan with member bands The Channel Cats, TRIBE, Spicy Soup, Jim Adam, Mystic Biscuit and The Wheel. Dive into the vast ocean of blues in the Pikes Peak area. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get a little wet behind the ears.

In punk news, The Nicotine Fits are riding "high on the horse" as they return from their recent "conquer the West" excursion up the California coastline. Like the Marlboro Man riding into the sunset, they returned victorious, just in time to claim yet another victory this time as "Best Group" winner in the 2007 Pikes Peak Arts Council Awards. Also taking home honors this year was Benjamin Pratt, crowned best solo artist. Pratt will be playing his unique brand of folk 'n fun at Rico's at Poor Richard's this Friday, Sept. 21. Congratulations are in order for both of these winners. Three cheers! Onward, folk and rock soldiers!

Speaking of soldiers real soldiers this time local blues musician Joe King has announced the formation of Plastic Mojo Productions, which will release a new disc from Fairlight Moriah. It'll include the track "Soldier, My Brother," a powerful account of "the" war as told by a soldier serving in Iraq. The track is rapidly gaining attention, especially through family and friends of those serving, and release parties are scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 22, at The Thymekeeper, and Thursday, Sept. 27, at Kinfolks. For more info on this worthy endeavor, check out

And speaking of worthy endeavors: Former local "Best Group" winner Boondoggle is on temporary hiatus, but Darren Soule, trumpeter to the stars, and a "bass player who shall remain nameless" are forming a side project in the "world beat rock" vein. If you think you've got what Soule is looking for, hit him up at

And I shouldn't have to remind you, but please don't forget that hardcore heroes Today is the Day are punching The Black Sheep in the face on Friday, Sept. 21. And then, grunge metal gods The Melvins are kicking the Sheep while it's down on Sunday, Sept. 23, alongside Big Business. (Drummer Coady Willis is also the drummer of the Murder City Devils.)

That's all for now kids, smell you later!

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