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Mike Villalva is a local rockabilly phenom. Catch him - Saturday at the Rocket Room.
  • Mike Villalva is a local rockabilly phenom. Catch him Saturday at the Rocket Room.

I've heard it said a thousand times: "Colorado Springs will never be an 'arts and music' kind of town. There are too many squares and churches, and all the bands and venues suck. And anyone cool who lives here will just move to Denver, or Portland, or Seattle, or Austin, and nobody in their right mind would ever move here from anywhere like that. Sure, we may get a few brief glimpses of a scene; a good band here, a fun venue there, maybe even a 'one-hit wonder' who'll quickly head for the Hollywood Hills only to get thrown into the cheese-cauldron with Elvira, the Goose and Data from Goonies."

But that was then, and this is now.

Things feel different now. Nobody complains about bands and venues anymore. Sure, there are still a lot of squares and folks who love church, but I have come to find (in my wise old age) that squares aren't really so square.

Most of them used to be (and may still be), for lack of a cooler word, cool. They listened to cool music, questioned authority and dressed as bizarre as any hipster of modern day. Sure, they may look and act square now (especially around other squares), but if you get them alone, you'll find they are dying to talk about when they used to be cool. The cool is still in there it's just hiding.

The more people I see going to shows, and playing shows, and throwing shows, the more I think Colorado Springs might just be an "arts and music" kind of town, after all ...

On Friday night, Poesis will be dishing up some jazzed-out indie-rock at Kinfolks (950 Manitou Ave.) in Manitou (close enough) with the incredible Inaiah Lujan and the Haunted Windchimes. If you haven't been to Kinfolks yet, get ready for something else. Not to ruin it for you, but get this: It's a store that throws shows and serves beer. Yes, I know. It's rad, so go there.

Also totally rad is the Rocket Room (230 Pueblo Ave.), which will host rockabilly phenom Mike Villalva (with special guest Mike Stephens) on Saturday night he'll be celebrating the release of his killer debut EP, The Introduction. I really have to hand it to Dave and Shalonda Cantrell at the Rocket Room for putting together such a great place to see live roots, rock and punk. They're going above and beyond on Sept. 22, when they're throwing their first Rock 'n Vroom Car Show and Chili Cook-Off with Whiskey Throttle, Jett Black and burlesque by Pandora Bellarose. If it sounds hot, you're right! Don't bring the kids.

But if you, like me, have trouble finding/affording a good babysitter, don't go square. Just take the squirts with you to family-friendly dancehall Jimbo's Take 2 (2427 N. Union Blvd.). It's unusual in that it has no bar, but you can bring your own refreshments. This Saturday, Sept. 15, there will be a concert by the incredibly talented dueling guitar duo Cool for Cats, aka Jeremy Facknitz and Nick Davey. Check it out!

And I'll catch you next week!

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