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The Manitoids of the Westside Bus Project are just a - handful of bands filling this weekends busy docket.
  • The Manitoids of the Westside Bus Project are just a handful of bands filling this weekends busy docket.

This week's Reverb is a wakeup call for those who think it's cool to wait until the weekend to pick up the Indy.

Well, bub, I got news for you ... you really screwed up BIG this time. Yeah, you may think you're pretty "cool," but how cool are you going to feel after reading that you missed not one, nor two, mind you, but three shows at least on Thursday night?

Seriously, if you don't know, you can't go. So here goes, Colorado Springs. Thursday, Aug. 30, 2007:

Jumping back into the live music action is longtime west-side standby Laura Belle's (734 N. 19th St.). It's recently hosted such diverse performances as an all-acoustic evening with Jason Witt of Love Dog, Dre Soundinfection and Carrie V. , and a decidedly non-acoustic evening with Pueblo crusaders of crust Suzie Palmer and Knuckle Children. Tonight's endeavor will feature 3 Round Burst, Stab Crew, Daughter Robbers, Misfortunate and the musical equivalent of Montezuma's Revenge, Fountain's very own The Brown Noise!

Now, if you're thinking, "I'm pretty punk, but am I 'Stab Crew' punk?" then go to The Black Sheep (2106 E. Platte Ave.) for a full night of 100 percent stab-free and stage-free indie-noise-folk with Pikes Peak Arts Council Award "best band" nominee Abracastabya. It's performing alongside Colonial Excess and Punk Rock Gods, before touring Reno screamo headliners Think in French. (You heard correct. The show will be 100 percent stage-free as in all bands will perform on the floor, the way the indie lord intended.)

If you're thinking, "Damn, all that sounds like crap. I guess I'm not very punk at all" ... well, perfect! Head to Union Station (2419 N. Union Blvd.) for some serious psychedelic rock 'n blues with The Wheel, Ashley Raines and Nerve. All in all, not a bad evening unless, of course, you missed it! So, what will you do next Thursday? That's right! You will pick up the Independent and flip straight to Reverb.

To prove I am not such a bad guy, here are some fun things to do this weekend:

On Friday, we have The Photo Atlas (who I really like a lot!), The Chain Gang of 1974 and The Axe That Chopped the Cherry Tree (with an acoustic set) at theElement (1626 S. Tejon St.). If gnu-wave-robo-clapping just ain't your thing, head to Benny's (517 W. Colorado Ave.) for Poesis, Julia and the Unexpecteds and Bill Cosby's favorite band, Loverleigh (there's always room for C-E-L-L-O!).

Saturday, visit The Black Sheep for Sizzle Birthdayfest with Try Redemption, Sawed Off, Another Shade of Hate and undead darlings Go Go Gore Girls.

No? How about The Fremont Street Preachers at The Rocket Room (230 Pueblo Ave.)? Or Westside Bus Project at Ancient Mariner (962 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs)? Mike Nelson Band at Oscar's Tejon (333 S. Tejon St.)? Wishdoctor at Union Station?

What do you people want?!?!?!

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