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When Reno Divorce plays a free show at the Rocket - Room, you go. Got that?
  • When Reno Divorce plays a free show at the Rocket Room, you go. Got that?

So, I apologize if last week's column tasted a little dry, but I'm new to this whole "professional journalism" thing. It's like I told my wife on our wedding night: "Hang in there, baby. It can only get better from here!"

As I was saying last week, The Black Sheep (2106 E. Platte Ave.) continues to astonish us with a dazzling list of upcoming national talent (Pelican, Supersuckers, Melvins, Aesop Rock, The Toasters, Strung Out, etc.), but, last week, it showed us that there's plenty of love left for the locals. On Wednesday, it was the searing lead of Sawed Off, continuing with hard rockers Sanguine Addiction on Thursday, and finishing up on Friday with the infamous Hayman Fire.

Had you attended all three of those shows, you'd be halfway to a free concert ticket. That's right, just like when you suck mud at your favorite local java hut, when you've purchased six concert admissions at The Black Sheep, you get your seventh admission free! There are some guidelines, like the price bracketing of the whole thing (six under-$10 tickets get you a seventh under-$10 ticket; same deal for over-$10 tickets) and the fact that the free tickets only apply at the door and to shows that haven't yet sold out. But it's a sweet deal. When you get your next ticket, ask for a punch card. And don't lose it!

In other news, Pueblo's Inaiah Lujan and The Haunted Windchimes returned from a national tour and were welcomed home in grand style at Caf Zajj (123 Main St.) Saturday night. Apparently they have a new demo out, and if it's half as good as Songs from a Small Town, it'll leave you with goose bumps. Check out see what all the fuss is about. Better yet, check their schedule and catch one of their frequent live sets in the Springs or Pueblo.

Speaking of Pueblo, Steel City darling Runsfasterscared, will be dragging its patented "thunder from down under" up to the Piano Warehouse on Saturday, Aug. 11, where the band will be joined by Comadre from Redwood City, Calif., and the stone-cold thrash of 719's very own Paid 2 Lose. For info on this show, the Piano Warehouse, or any of the other frequent D.I.Y. events in town, head downtown and ask the first kid you see wearing a T-shirt that's two sizes too small.

On Friday, Aug. 10, Reno Divorce will be blasting through a couple of jaunty little ditties down at The Rocket Room (230 Pueblo Ave.). Hailing not from Reno, Nev., but instead from Denver City, Denver, the Reno boys have far outgrown their label as "the poor man's Social Distortion" and continue to splash up the greasy SoCal punk by the low-rider-full. The rawkus set will be free for lawful, card-carrying adults. Sorry, little buddy, no youngsters allowed at the Rocket Room.

Last, and most certainly least, The Funeral and the Twilight are making good on their promise to "get the heck out of Dodge." They'll be moving their Tom Waits-meets-Morrissey-meets-Absinthe sideshow to Minneapolis. Best of luck, gentlemen.

That is all for now, kids. Stay tuned.

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