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It's been a frustrating few weeks for Internet-savvy would-be patrons of The Black Sheep (2106 E. Platte Ave.), who haven't been able to buy tickets to all of the club's shows online. Marc Peralta et al. have been extremely busy inside the club, doing things like renovating, painting, getting graffiti murals put up by local artists, cleaning up the bathrooms (there are actually soap and paper towels in there), constructing a new stage, stocking the bar, and pretty much running themselves ragged to make the venue an enjoyable place to be. They're doing a great job, and now they're set up so that all tickets to The Black Sheep's shows are available online at Rock on.

Speaking of ordering online: holy crippity-crap! Slick Rick will be at The Black Sheep on Tuesday, Dec. 6! The man's a hip-hop legend, kiddies, whose 1988 hits "Children's Story" and "La Di Da Di" were formative for many. Still eye-patched and fabulous, Mr. Rick will be performing with Black Pegasus, Samir, Soul Food Hustle and Lenny Lenn. Tickets are $15 and go on sale Saturday, so get up on it at the aforementioned

In other hip-hop news, a new fancypants hip-hop night will be held regularly at the equally fancypants Eden (217 E. Pikes Peak Ave.). The bi-weekly event, called "Thoro," will take place every other Thursday in Eden's Club 7, with tentative plans to start on Dec. 15. Organizers Joel Aigner and Dave Johnson plan to feature both live performers and an assortment of DJs. In order to cater to more folks, and, as Aigner says, "to get everyone as sweaty as possible," the duo plans to have a cross-section of both mainstream and underground music styles represented. See, it is possible to get jiggy wid it while keepin' it street!

In town: Social Grace, Dublin House Sports Bar & Grill (1850 Dominion Way), Nov. 25; Acid Jam with Audio Broadcast, Ancient Mariner (962 Manitou Ave.), Nov. 27; Grass It Up, Front Range Barbeque (2330 W. Colorado Ave.), Nov. 30.

Go north: Gwar, Ogden Theater, Denver, Nov. 26; Trey Anastasio, Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Nov. 26; Kanye West, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Nov. 29; Fiona Apple, Paramount Theatre, Denver, Dec. 2.

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