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Into every Boondoggle, a little rain must fall. Though the Springs band excitedly is promoting their latest CD, Boondoggle's also had the misfortune of losing their drummer, Chuck Shannon. Worry not. Like a mighty phoenix, Boondoggle shall rise from the ashes, along with their new drummer, John Stinespring. According to Darren Soule, bandmate and self-appointed Lord of the Trumpet, Boondoggle is looking to move their music in a fresh direction, and Stinespring is part of that equation. "Forward motion is required. Boondoggle knows all, and Boondoggle will go forward until the end," wrote Soule in a recent, Oz-like e-mail. Check out the new guy's worthiness at the Wayfarer Pub on Friday, Sept. 30.

Boulder-based rock band Signal to Noise recently signed with Eyeball Records, the label that gave Thursday and My Chemical Romance their starts. For those not familiar, Signal to Noise sounds like Thursday, with catchy, sing-able melodies, but their songs are a little less epic. They're planning to release an EP on Eyeball soon, "properly printed and pressed and all," according to their Web site, If their labelmates provide any clue as to where they're headed, Signal to Noise could be the first band from Colorado to be seen on TRL.

According to, Fort Collins-based "twang rock" band Neon Steven, which played Hillside Gardens this summer, is on hiatus until they find a replacement for their former drummer, apparently known only as Kyle.

Around town: Lil' Bit and the Customatics, Tony's (311 N. Tejon St.), Sept. 29; Jose Muldoon's (222 N. Tejon St.), Oct. 1; and Oscar's Tejon Street (333 S. Tejon St.), Oct. 4. Millions of Dead Cops, Darkside (2106 E. Platte Ave.), Sept. 30; Malakai and In Death We Rise, Darkside, Oct. 2; Audio Broadcast, Ancient Mariner (962 Manitou Ave.), Oct. 4; Rufio, Darkside, Oct. 5; Pelican, Darkside, Oct. 6.

Go north: M.I.A., Gothic Theatre, Englewood, Oct. 1; The Heavenly States, Lion's Lair, Denver, Oct. 2; Slow Signal Fade, Hi-Dive, Denver, Oct. 6; Lucero, Gothic Theatre, Oct. 16; UK Subs, Lion's Lair, Oct. 18; Him, Ogden Theatre, Denver, Oct. 21; Liz Phair, Gothic Theatre, Oct. 29.

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