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Let the bells toll: Against Tomorrow's Sky is no more. The local indie/emo rock heroes have disbanded for other horizons, and as member Jeff Fuller told it, they "just kind of fizzled" after their recent hiatus. But don't expect the fly fellows of ATS to be crying into their bedsheets. Mike Stevens will continue with Secrets Keep Friends, while Fuller and other ex-pats have joined Jeremy Grobsmith of The Great Redneck Hope to form a new group called Lorito Opens His Beak. While the name induces images of wee baby birds on the cover of a children's picture book, Lorito listeners can expect ridiculous amounts of keyboards and distortion.

Fellow Springs band Laymen Terms just lost a member to the far hipper hills of ... Idaho. Bassist Justin Blair is packing up to smalltownsville to be with family and pursue training as a fireman. "It's gonna be prison up there for a couple years, but it's something I need to do," says Blair. "If I stay here, I'll be a bartender my whole life." No word yet as to what will happen with Laymen Terms, who currently are looking to fill the Blair-sized bassist hole.

Tuesday's Le Tigre show was a sweaty melee, as always. California quartet Gram Rabbit opened with a great -- if not fully "what the hell is this?" -- show. Leading with the mesmerizing first track from Music to Start a Cult To, the group shuffled onstage in hooded robes, eventually shedding them to reveal the lead (female) singer's skintight, hot pink catsuit, masses of blond hair and a freakin' tiara. My Barbie came to life that night, and lo, it was good.

Do it! Celebrate Indy fave bartender Betty's birthday July 30 at Benny's (517 W. Colorado Ave.) with 500 Funk Express at 9:30 p.m. Apply a fake mustache for the Aquabats, Aug. 8 at Darkside (2106 E. Platte Ave.). Neon Steven will be a-howlin' at 6 p.m. on Aug. 11 at Hillside Gardens and Nursery (1006 S. Institute St.). Just announced for Denver: Missy Elliott, Aug. 5 at Lotus. Backstreet Boys, Aug. 23 at the Budweiser Events Center. Marc Broussard and Citizen Cope, Aug. 25 at the Gothic Theatre. Against Me! with the Epoxies, Oct. 9, also at the Gothic.

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