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Education Guide 2012: Resources


College Links and Finding Money



With information on loans, scholarships, savings, military aid and more, FinAid is the award-winning first stop for any student looking into financial aid for college.

Fast Web


Fast Web also offers information on financial aid and maintains a "massive" database of scholarships, where you can do a free search.



Low-income students who are academically deserving can use QuestBridge to link with scholarships and major universities to make their dreams come true at a fraction of the cost, or no cost at all.

College Opportunity Fund


Free money! Do we have your attention? Good. COF is a stipend from the state of Colorado. Apply online — the only requirements being that you're a Colorado resident and an undergraduate — and then authorize funding to be used at your institution. COF is currently at $62 dollars per credit hour.

College In Colorado


Another financial aid planning site, this one helps students find scholarships, and gives information about "financial fitness" or budgeting, and more.

College Scholarships, Colleges andOnline Degree


Here you may research college scholarships and financial aid, SAT/ACT preparation tips, colleges and universities throughout the U.S., and online degrees and programs.

Researching/Planning Your Career

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Before you choose a major or a career path, you might consider stopping here for statistics on pay and benefits, employment, hours and earnings for your state and job area.

Colorado Trade Schools, Colleges & Universities Directory


This is an index of trade and technical schools in Colorado. You can find out what each school offers, and if one has what you want, you can request more information.

eHow Money: Job Search and Employment


Learn how to keep your job in a bad economy and how to write a cover letter, and read all sorts of articles about searching for a job and employment.

LULACEducational Service Center

829 N. Circle Drive, #101,637-0037


The League of United Latin American Citizens is an advocacy group and a resource with programs in leadership and finance and scholarships for Latin Americans.

Office of Postsecondary Education


Questioning the accreditation of a school you're thinking of attending? Check it out here.

Pikes Peak Workforce Center

1675 Garden of the Gods Road, 667-3700


A free resource for job seekers. PPWC provides training on how to find a job, with programs in interviewing, career planning and more. Check its website for dates for workshops and hiring events.

Planning for Traditional College

The College Board


The College Board's main offerings are SAT and advanced placement testing, but it also welcomes college planning and school searches.



This is a resource for students and recent graduates, offering multiple videos on career research, job interviewing, creating a résumé, job networking and more.



The GRE is an admission requirement for most graduate programs. This is the site that helps you prepare and register for the test, and gives information about the test in general.



Like the GRE, the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is sometimes required of grad-school applicants.



If you are unsure about a college major, take a test that will recommend areas that fit you best. You can also get information about majors, school and careers.

U.S. College Search


All you have to do is put in your ZIP code and this site will find colleges near you. You can search for schools by program, and the site also provides helpful information about financial aid, and an occupations guide.

U.S. News


U.S. News & World Report annually ranks colleges and graduate schools, and provides information and news about education in the U.S. For example, this site will help you learn what schools will put you in the most and least debt, and which schools excel in certain areas.

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