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Note: Dial 911 for all life-threatening emergencies.

Police (non-emergency)

Colorado Springs Police Department

705 S. Nevada Ave., 444-7000 | springspolice.com

El Paso County Sheriff's Office

101 W. Costilla St., 390-5555 | shr.elpasoco.com

State Patrol

1480 Quail Lake Loop, 635-0385 | csp.state.co.us

Fire (non-emergency)

Colorado Springs Fire Department

375 Printers Pkwy., 385-5950 | springsgov.com

Medical centers (non-emergency)

Memorial Hospital Central & Memorial Hospital for Children

1400 E. Boulder St., 365-5000 | memorialhealthsystem.com

Memorial Hospital North

4050 Briargate Pkwy., 364-5000 | memorialhealthsystem.com

Penrose Hospital

2222 N. Nevada Ave., 776-5000 | penrosestfrancis.org

St. Francis Medical Center

6001 E. Woodmen Road, 776-5000 | penrosestfrancis.org


Multiple locations | emergicare.org


Colorado Springs Utilities

448-4800, 448-4848 (automated), or relay through 711 or 800/659-2656 (for TDD/hearing-impaired) | csu.org

Medical marijuana

Ten years ago, Coloradans voted to make marijuana legal for medical use. Recently, the industry surrounding medical marijuana has exploded. With the growth have come worries from lawmakers that MMJ is being misused, or that a larger MMJ industry will lead to increased crime.

As the state and local governments have worked on regulations, Colorado Springs has thus far stood out for its — believe it or not — progressive approach. City Council has worked with the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, a group representing the industry, in an effort to craft fair rules.

In addition to its advocacy work, the CSMCC has become a place for industry workers to exchange ideas, and for patients to glean information. Tanya Garduno, a member of the CSMCC board of directors, says the plan is to turn the CSMCC into something akin to a chamber of commerce geared toward the MMJ industry. The CSMCC may then be able to direct licensed patients to dispensaries and growers that meet specific standards of quality. It would also be a source for businesses on best practices.

"We're working really hard to be as close to other businesses as possible," Garduno says.

Learn more about CSMCC at coloradospringsmedical-marijuanacouncil.com.

Rape crisis

TESSA Crisis Line

633-3819 | tessacs.org

A 24-hour local hotline for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. TESSA also provides services such as advocacy and counseling to victims, and education in the community.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

800/656-HOPE (4673) | rainn.org

Routes callers to the nearest rape crisis hotline and offers a free, confidential online hotline.

Suicide crisis

Suicide Prevention Partnership Hotline

596-LIFE (5433) | sppppr.org

Local volunteers usually are available to talk, and when they're not, someone from the National Suicide Prevention line (see listing below) will answer the call.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

800/273-TALK (8255) | suicidepreventionlifeline.org

A free hotline operating 24-7. Military veterans can press 1 to be routed to a special prevention hotline, or engage in a live online chat with a counselor.

Emergency shelter

Getting a handle on beds available in Colorado Springs is a tricky proposition. There's no clearinghouse for this information, and given the urgency created by the legislated shutdown of Colorado Springs' "Tent City" in February 2010, a number of organizations have recently attempted to open up bed space on the fly.

In February, Indy reporter J. Adrian Stanley spent the better part of two weeks assembling a list detailing who offers beds, to whom they're offered, and how likely it is that you'll find any openings. A document detailing what she found is available at csindy.com; search under "shelters."

Given the quick-changing nature of room availability, though, we would urge readers to not rely solely on that list. One of the better places to get up-to-date information is the Resource Advocacy Program. Contact program reps at the R.J. Montgomery New Hope Center (709 S. Sierra Madre St., 578-9190) from 8 a.m. to noon on Mondays, or at 5 W. Las Vegas St. (on the Springs Rescue Mission campus at the Direct Service Building, 210-2387), or Tuesdays through Thursdays, from 8 to 11:30 a.m.

You could also contact Homeward Pikes Peak (955-0731, homewardpikespeak.org), whose mission it is to coordinate local homeless services.

Veterans' services

American Legion

Multiple locations | legion.org

Disabled American Veterans

3754 E. La Salle St., 380-8005 | 6880 Palmer Park Blvd., 591-8787 | dav.org

El Paso County Veteran & Military Affairs

105 E. Vermijo Ave., first floor, 520-7750 | adm.elpasoco.com/Veteran_Services

Retired Enlisted Association

834 Emory Circle, 596-0927 | trea.org

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Multiple locations | vfw.org

Victims' services

Colorado Springs Police Victim Advocacy Program

705 S. Nevada Ave., 444-7000 | springsgov.com

Ensures that victims understand their rights and have their needs met through the criminal justice process.

Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA)

2460 W. 26th Ave., #255-C, Denver, 303/861-1160, 800/261-2682 | coloradocrimevictims.org

Contains an online victim services directory.

Animal welfare

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

610 Abbott Lane, 473-1741 | hsppr.org

This nonprofit organization reunites lost pets and owners; rescues and cares for animals in trouble; temporarily shelters homeless pets and pursues permanent placements for them; provides animal-related education to the public; and conducts thousands of animal-welfare investigations annually.

Food help & general social services

Care & Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado (careandshare.org) is the region's sole food bank for locally and nationally donated and purchased food. It supplies more than 400 Pikes Peak area agencies — churches, pantries and other charities — with food that those agencies can distribute to people in need. And the best way to identify those agencies in your area is to dial 2-1-1, Pikes Peak United Way's resource line.

In fact, if you're in need of almost any kind of social-service help, your best bet is to call 2-1-1. It links tens of thousands of callers every year with utilities and rent assistance, health care services, child care, employment counseling, transportation for elderly and disabled residents, and much, much more.

If you're interested in volunteering with a social service agency, we have two recommendations: Either visit volunteerpikespeak.org (the local United Way's online volunteering site) or check the Independent's site at csindy.com. There, under the "Calendar" heading, you can click on "Events," and choose "Volunteer Opportunities" as your category.

If you're looking to donate money to a social service agency, and want to know where the needs are most pressing, we'd recommend you check in with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation (ppcf.org).



July 18 | Acacia Park, 115 E. Platte Ave. | ppglcc.org/springspride.htm

The second-largest annual GLBT event in Colorado, with a parade, vendors, food and drink, and kids' activities. This will be the 20th anniversary celebration.

Everybody Welcome: A Celebration of Culture & Diversity

Aug. 7-15 | Multiple locations | cospdiversityforum.org

For the first time, this celebration will expand into more than a week's worth of activities, including a dance, a trip to a Sky Sox baseball game, and community forums and roundtables. It will wrap up with a festival on Aug. 15.

Veterans Day Parade

Nov. 6 | Tejon Street, downtown | csvetsparade.org

A community-organized event honoring veterans and active-duty military members in the Colorado Springs community.


Select offices

Municipal Court

224 E. Kiowa St., 385-5922


130 S. Nevada Ave., second floor, 385-5681

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services

1401 Recreation Way, 385-5940

Pothole hotline

385-6808, streetdivision@springsgov.com


688 Geiger Court, 385-5934

City leaders

The city manager and city councilors all keep offices in City Hall, 107 N. Nevada Ave.

City manager's office

385-5455 | webadmins@springsgov.com

Mayor: Lionel Rivera

385-5986 | lrivera@springsgov.com

Vice Mayor: Larry Small

385-5485 | lsmall@springsgov.com

City councilor, District 1, northwest: Scott Hente

385-5487 | shente@springsgov.com

District 2, northeast: Darryl Glenn

385-5493 | dglenn@springsgov.com

District 3, southwest: Sean Paige

385-5470 | spaige@springsgov.com

District 4, southeast: Bernie Herpin

385-5492 | bherpin@springsgov.com

Note: For a map of Council districts, see springsgov.com/Page.aspx?NavID=1197.

At Large: Tom Gallagher

385-5491 | tgallagher@springsgov.com

At Large: Jan Martin

385-5486 | jmartin@springsgov.com

At Large: Randy Purvis

578-9800 | rpurvis@springsgov.com

City Attorney: Pat Kelly

30 S. Nevada Ave., #501, 385-5909 | cityatty@springsgov.com

City Clerk: Kathryn Young

30 S. Nevada Ave., #101, 385-5901 | cityclerk@springsgov.com


Select offices

County Commissioners Office

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-7276 | bcc.elpasoco.com

County courthouses

270 S. Tejon St., 448-7650 | 20 E. Vermijo Ave., 448-7700 | elpasocountycourts.com

County leaders

County Administrator: Jeffrey H. Greene

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-7276 | adm.elpasoco.com

Commissioner, District 1, northwest El Paso County: Wayne Williams (R)

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 439-1870 | waynewilliams@frii.com

District 2, eastern El Paso County: Amy Lathen (R)

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-6412 | amylathen@elpasoco.com

District 3, western El Paso County: Sallie Clark (R)

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-6413 | sallieclark@elpasoco.com

District 4, southwestern El Paso County (including Fort Carson): Dennis Hisey (R)

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-6414 | dennishisey@elpasoco.com

District 5, central Colorado Springs area: Jim Bensberg (R)

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-6415 | jimbensberg@elpasoco.com

Note: For a (fairly undetailed) map of county districts, see bcc.elpasoco.com.

Other officials

Sheriff: Terry Maketa

210 S. Tejon St., 520-7100 | shr.elpasoco.com

County Clerk & Recorder: Robert Balink

200 S. Cascade Ave., 520-6202 | car.elpasoco.com | robertbalink@elpasoco.com

County Assessor: Mark Lowderman

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-6600 | asr.elpasoco.com | asrweb@elpasoco.com

County Treasurer: Sandra Damron

27 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-6666 | trs.elpasoco.com | trsweb@elpasoco.com

County Coroner: Dr. Robert Bux

2743 E. Las Vegas St., 390-2450 | cor.elpasoco.com

District Attorney: Dan May

105 E. Vermijo Ave., 520-6169 | 4thjudicialda.com


Local House reps

District 14, north central Colorado Springs: Kent Lambert (R)

303/866-2937 | rep.kent.lambert@comcast.net

District 15, east Colorado Springs: Mark Waller (R)

303/866-5525 | mark.waller.house@state.co.us

District 16, east-central Colorado Springs: Larry Liston (R)

303/866-2965 | larry.liston.house@state.co.us

District 17, southwest El Paso County (incl. Fort Carson): Dennis Apuan (D)

303/866-3069 | repdennisapuan@gmail.com

District 18, west side and Manitou Springs: Michael Merrifield (D)

303/866-2932 | michael.merrifield.house@state.co.us

District 19, east El Paso County: Marsha Looper (R)

303/866-2946 | marshalooper@gmail.com

District 20, northwest El Paso County: Amy Stephens (R)

303/866-2924 | amy.stephens.house@state.co.us

District 21, west El Paso County: Bob Gardner (R)

303/866-2191 | bob.gardner.house@state.co.us

Note: For a map of House districts, see

Local Senate reps

District 9, northeast El Paso County: Dave Schultheis (R)

303/866-4835 | senatorschultheis@gmail.com

District 10, east El Paso County: Bill Cadman (R)

303/866-2737 | bill.cadman.senate@state.co.us

District 11, Colorado Springs area: John Morse (D)

303/866-6364 | john.morse.senate@state.co.us

District 12, southwest El Paso County: Keith King (R)

303/866-4880 | keith@keithking.org

For a map of Senate districts, see


U.S. senators

Michael Bennet (D)

Colorado Springs office: 409 N. Tejon St., #107, 328-1100 | bennet.senate.gov

Mark Udall (D)

Colorado Springs office: 2880 International Circle, #107, 471-3993 | markudall.senate.gov

U.S. reps

District 5, including Colorado Springs: Doug Lamborn (R)

Colorado Springs office: 1271 Kelly Johnson Blvd., #110, 520-0055 | lamborn.house.gov

District 1: Diana DeGette (D)

State office: 303/844-4988 | degette.house.gov

District 2: Jared Polis (D)

State office: 303/484-9596 | polis.house.gov

District 3: John Salazar (D)

Pueblo office: 719/543-8200 | house.gov/salazar

District 4: Betsy Markey (D)

State office: 970/221-7110 | betsymarkey.house.gov

District 6: Mike Coffman (R)

State office: 720/283-9772 | coffman.house.gov

District 7: Ed Perlmutter (D)

State office: 303/274-7944 | perlmutter.house.gov



City government

1 City Hall Place, 719/553-2655 | pueblo.us

County government

215 W. 10th St., 719/583-6000 | co.pueblo.co.us

Police & fire

Fire Department

1551 Bonforte Blvd., 719/553-2830

Police Department

130 Central Main St., 719/553-2538

Sheriff's Office

909 Court St., 719/583-6125 | sheriff.co.pueblo.co.us

Help lines

Rape Crisis Services

Hotline: 719/549-0549 | pueblorapecrisis.org

Suicide Prevention Center Help Line

719/544-1133 or 719/564-5566 (teen line) | pueblosuicideprevention.com

YWCA Pueblo Family Crisis Hotline & Shelter

719/545-8195 | ywca.org

Emergency shelter

YWCA Pueblo Family Crisis Shelter

801 N. Santa Fe Ave., 719/545-8195 | ywca.org

The Wayside Cross Rescue Mission

728 W. Fourth St., 719/545-5744

Public schools

Pueblo City Schools (District 60)

Administrative Services Center | 315 W. 11th St., 719/549-7100 | pueblo60.k12.co.us

Pueblo County School District 70

Administrative Services Center | 24951 E. U.S. Hwy. 50, 719/542-0220 | district70.org


County government

112 N. A St., Cripple Creek, 719/689-2988 | co.teller.co.us

Sheriff's Office

11400 U.S. Hwy. 24 West, Divide, 687-9652 | co.teller.co.us

Food help, help lines, emergency shelter

See the resources given for El Paso County.

Public schools

Woodland Park RE-2: 686-2000, wpsdk12.org | Cripple Creek-Victor RE-1: 719/689-2685, ccvschools.org

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