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The ReMINDers

Hip-Hop (Duo or Group)


The ReMINDers
  • Larry Hulst

Style of music, in 10 words or less: "Soul, hip-hop, fusion, world"

Three artists they owe everything to: Lauryn Hill, Big Boi, Snoop Dogg

Members: Aja Black, Big Samir, DJ Lazy Eyez

Debut performance: 2007

Recordings: Putting in Work (2007), Recollect (2008), Born Champions (2012)

Why they matter: Along with the Haunted Windchimes, the ReMINDers' Aja Black and Antoine "Samir" Zamundu have proven to be Colorado Springs' most effective ambassadors to the rest of the world. Over the past year, the duo has traveled to Washington, D.C., for an hour-long performance at the Kennedy Center, played a series of gigs in Britain, taken the stage at the Hieroglyphics collective's 20th anniversary show, and gone out on tour opening for Lauryn Hill. Yes, that Lauryn Hill. Through it all, they've remained two of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, proving that true talent can still win out over blind ambition.

2nd place: Mad Trees

3rd place: Bullhead*ded

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