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ReLeaf: Winter 2018 (Digital flip-book)


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In these times, it’s natural for consumers to become alienated from the supply chain that brings a product from source to shelves. Cannabis consumers prove no exception. Consider this issue a reintroduction to the folks who bring your favorite plant to you.

Before you smoke it, someone had to grow your cannabis, perhaps outdoors under the sun or under the carefully calibrated lights of a greenhouse. The plant was tended and harvested by meticulous cultivators, then dried, trimmed and packaged. Drivers transported it from one link in the supply chain to another, before it ended up at the establishment where you bought it. Every step along the way is tracked to satisfy regulatory demands and continually scrutinized and improved to satisfy market demands.

But it’s not magic; it’s hard work. So, this issue of ReLeaf pays homage to the people, organizations and relationships that make this industry go. And it’s not just cultivation, manufacture and retail, though they may be at the center — it’s all the ancillary services in technology, media, consulting, security, testing, and lifestyle spaces that comprise the full ecosystem that is the cannabis industry.

In these pages, find stories about locals who found their niche working in weed, from a professional joint roller, to a couple who went from ambivalent about cannabis to operating a hospitality business that caters to cannabis users, to an entrepreneur who’s bringing ancient eastern agricultural practices to an industry that relies on good soil.

As you read, remember: It wasn’t that long ago that working in cannabis meant a life of crime. Legalization hasn’t fully righted the wrongs of prohibition, but it has ushered in a world where working in cannabis is recognized for what it is: a perfectly fine way to make a living.

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