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In early December, while previewing plans for enforcing new medical marijuana regulations, the state Department of Revenue's Matt Cook revealed that new regulations would roll out four months early. This means two things: 1) Local governments will be able to accept applications from folks looking to enter the industry on March 1, though they're under no obligation to do so until July 1; and 2) as of March, both newbies and existing marijuana centers will have a new set of rules — some 90 pages worth — to follow.

What does a rule sound like? Here's one, in Cook's words, related to what will be required of somebody transporting MMJ from a grow to a center: "They'll have to pull a manifest down, give us the vehicle license number, [and] the occupant has to be licensed. The route that they're gonna take, the time they leave, the time they go [has to be listed in a web-based database]. It's videoed on the camera before they leave, and it's videoed on the camera when they arrive at their new destination, and the weights have to match."

Clearly, Cook's not screwing around. To what extent that's true will become even clearer when the draft is finalized during public hearings Jan. 27 and 28. If you're interested in attending, the time is 9 a.m. and the place is Jefferson County Justice Center (100 Jefferson County Pkwy., Golden), Hearing Room 1, for both days.

In the meantime, please enjoy our latest issue of ReLeaf, and we'll see you in April.

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