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ReLeaf: Spring 2017 (Digital flip-book)

Your guide to southern Colorado's cannabis culture


By now, you may have noticed that Colorado Springs is on a branding mission to become Olympic City USA, synonymous in people’s minds with elite athletics, especially of the international variety. You may think that’s a contrived, top-down kind of campaign — not saying where we stand on the matter — but it is true that we’re home to the U.S. Olympic Committee, the Olympic Training Center and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (see “Who you callin’ a dope?” p. 16). One thing the city has gone to great lengths to avoid association with, however, is legal pot. Colorado Springs opted out of recreational sales and seems to take every opportunity possible to tamp down on this state’s unique weed culture (looking at you, City Council). So, here in the cannabis department of the Inde- pendent, we decided to give in and go with this whole Olympic City USA theme, but with a caveat that will likely wrinkle some noses: We highlight where athletics and marijuana merge. Read ahead to see why they’re not such strange bedfellows as they may seem.

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