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Election day is Nov. 7. It's a county-run coordinated election, with races and issues you can read about throughout the latest issue of the Independent. We hope you vote and if (when) you do, here's how. Ballots go out in the mail on Oct. 16. If you're not registered, you can do so online (with a valid Colorado driver's license and/or Social Security number) at If you are registered but you've moved, you can update there too. And if you believe your registration is active, updated and good-to-go, just confirm it. You have until Oct. 30 to get that squared away to get a mail ballot. If you miss that deadline — it's OK! — you can still get a ballot in person at a voter service and polling center. Find a list of those locations at That's also where you go to apply for a replacement ballot (if you messed yours up or it went to an old address).

Now, to actually vote, stick your ballot in the mail no later than Wednesday, Nov. 1. If you miss that deadline — it's OK! — you can still drop it off in person at any of the voter service and polling centers or drop-off locations through Nov. 7 (locations listed at You can register and get a ballot printed, or vote by machine in person at any of the service centers, including on Election Day. Call 575-8683 with any questions.

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