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Reading between the lines

The year in Haiku


  • Bruce

Colorado Springs

Wolf breaks down the door
Doug Bruce takes over county
Run, run for cover

  • Huffman

Huffman gets last laugh
Betty Beedy, Douglas Bruce
Bookmarked by buttheads

Jim Bensberg needs coat
To protect him from thin skin
Enraged he got caught

Steve Schuck gets roasted
D-11 taken back
Revenge will be his

  • Bensberg

Excitable boy
Eric Christen mad, mad, mad
Gets wrist slapped, now what?

Spying on peaceniks
No accountability
Police gas and stun

No cash for flowers
Citizens maintain the beds
They have no green thumb

  • Christen


Summer in Rockies
Reprieve from depressing drought
Singing in the rain

Rivera mocks Dems
Says too "weak" to take November cold
They seize Golden Dome

  • Rivera

Rich Dems steal season
Bridges, Gill, Polis, Stryker
GOP berserk

Keith King would be king
Now he's just a bit player
With Dems calling shots

Merrifield wins large
Catchy eye patch, stars and stripes
Wife swiping yard signs

  • King

Mike pokes them in eye
Fends off foul jailbait attack
Education chair

Breeze hooking yard signs
For Larry Liston no stretch
Likes to play dirty


  • Merrifield

Red Sox beat the odds
The Curse of the Bambino
Cast on John Kerry

Dan Rather play golf
Bad information? So what?
He's a millionaire

Brokaw also out
No controversy for him
Playing golf with Dan

Osama bin who?
Terrorist not in crosshair
America first

Dying in Iraq
Landfill scrap metal searches
To protect our troops

You get what you need
Donald Rumsfeld, tired old man
Knows best for country

Bush grows in autumn
Ran campaign like a war zone

Stick yellow ribbon
On the SUV
Same as Tony Orlando

-- Cara DeGette

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