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Readers: Colorado teachers have legitimate grievances and concerns




The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs chapter of the American Association of University Professors stands in solidarity with Colorado public school teachers. We support Colorado teachers and all workers' right to advocate on their own behalf. This is especially the case for public school teachers who work on the front lines preparing children in our state for citizenship, work and college.

Colorado public school teachers have legitimate grievances and concerns about their ability to provide the quality education our children need. Classrooms are under-resourced. This not only causes parents to provide classroom supplies, but underpaid Colorado teachers spend on average $656 per year of their own money on classroom supplies.

Colorado public school teachers are not simply advocating on their own behalf, but also for the children of Colorado so that they can receive a 21st century education.

We oppose SB18-264, the "Prohibit Public School Teacher Strikes" bill, that would limit teachers' rights as workers and their ability to advocate for the children of Colorado. We find it unconscionable for politicians to take away teachers' rights and their ability to care for our children.

— UCCS AAUP and UCCS faculty members Jeffrey Montez de Oca, John Harner, Minette Church, Carole Huber and Suzanne Cook

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