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Reader: You're the one who wants your lifestyle protected, so you pay for it.



I have written a lot of letters about things that make me moderately angry, but nothing makes me more angry than to hear wealthy people complaining about paying taxes to subsidize health care for poor people. Tell me why poor people should pay for airport security, when they can't afford plane tickets. How about we fold all that cost of keeping you safe when you fly to Rio into the cost of your plane ticket. While I'm at it, I don't really need police and fire protection, because I can easily put my measly trove of possessions into a backpack and defend it myself, or carry it away from a fire. You are the ones who need all these police and firemen to protect all your stuff — why should I pay for it?

And military? China could take us over tomorrow, and my life wouldn't change much. You are the one who wants your lifestyle protected, so you can pay for it.

And you know what else? Whether you need it or not, you are going to get paid Social Security and Medicare out of my paychecks. Cash your check and go buy some caviar, while I pull my own teeth because I can't afford a dentist, because I am subsidizing your life with taxes you should be paying instead of me.

— Gina Douglas, Colorado Springs

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