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Reader: Who cares how much taxes Trump paid!



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I was surprised to see so much time and effort wasted on "Resist" concerning failure and taxation.

It takes gumption and resolve to succeed in life. When I see someone who is a complete failure, there is no pity. That person has made their own bed. It's especially sad to see a person who has kissed off so many opportunities as did your man Nippert. He is only one of legions. He, and others, must have had their shoes glued to the floor.

The other thing that is perplexing is why do people brag about not financing the war and then refuse to pay their taxes? They could do this foolish deed in a better way if they were serious. In the national budget, let's say the military gets 18 percent. Then why don't the braggers pay 82 percent of taxes due rather than none? That "none" money goes for other non-military things they will personally use in their lifetime.

Idiots! Let's face it. They're greedy, selfish people who are total phonies besides being anti-American and fraudulent.

Who cares how much taxes Trump paid! It's like not going to the best car mechanic in town because he's been married four times and that is against your beliefs. Who cares about his private life? Fix my car. Who cares how much he paid? He can ill afford not to pay, the way the wolves gather at his front door.

Trump is that mechanic now. I want him to fix my country. I will give him time to do so as it has been in such poor shape for over eight years.

There are winners and losers. You have to decide what you want to be. There is no middle ground.

— Jack Terryah, Colorado Springs

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