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Reader: What do Manitoids get out of the Cog deal?




Re: "Manitou Springs City Council OKs new agreement with Cog Railway": The only winners I see here are Phil Anschutz's heirs. Even then it's questionable whether they will keep the Cog in the future. Heirs have a habit of liquidating dear old gramp's estate.

Another point of view is that the Oklahoma Publishing Co. could be spun off or sold, go out of business or file for bankruptcy. There goes The Broadmoor. Finally, into the future, AEG and all its subsidiaries could be a shell of its former self or a faint memory 50 years down the road. Dynasties eventually die.

Let's not forget the people of Manitou. What will they get out of the 50-year deal? Not much other than two generations of Manitoids asking the question, "What were these people thinking?" Crickets.

Anschutz can well afford to rebuild the Cog on his dime. The citizens of Manitou should not be forced to support a private business. The citizens should begin looking around for replacements of the existing elected officials and doing it soon! You sure as heck would not want this existing crew jamming the people of Manitou with another bad deal.

There are too many developers with their hands out for taxpayer-supported ventures with no guarantee of a reasonable rate of return for the citizens. Just pie in the sky projects that are long on blue-sky projections and come up short on results. The citizens get stuck — again. It's time to say NO!

— Gary Casimir

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