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Reader: Were you trying to stir up some class warfare?



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Interesting article on the employee parking situation at Penrose Hospital ("Not in this neighborhood," News, July 12), but what was the point? Were you trying to stir up some class warfare? Point out the overreach of a neighborhood group? Chastise a corporate entity for not looking out for its employees?

All of these issues were brought up in the article, yet other important aspects should have been in the story:

• Penrose is on the northern edge — not in the middle — of the Old North End Neighborhood. It is equally close to the Bonforte and Roswell neighborhoods, where median incomes are lower. So three neighborhoods, two of which are decidedly average, benefit from Penrose's efforts, not only a wealthy subset of the area.

• The hospital is making an effort by providing transportation for employees who must park remotely. If there is a concern about the frequency of transport or security of the area, they should be working with the hospital to improve this. By the way, the shuttles travel up and down Cascade, not Nevada as reported.

• Some staffers choose to walk this distance, and with the renovation of the Lincoln School center, they have access to a bakery, barista and brewery along their route. It may become a more attractive, as well as healthy, alternative to park remotely.

• The author writes that Penrose's expansion will be near trailer parks and low-income areas, but this is not even remotely true by a couple of miles. The new hospital at Centennial and Fillmore is close to the upscale Camelback Pointe and Oasis apartment complexes and adjoins Kissing Camels Estates' east entry, where the median income is higher than that of the ONEN area.

Perhaps the author would have a different perspective if there were a thousand employees and as many customers parking in front of her home every day. Penrose is working to integrate a large corporate entity into a residential area that does not necessitate any reciprocity from the neighborhoods they impact. I, as well as many of my ONEN, Roswell and Bonforte neighbors, appreciate the effort they put forth for the parking and shuttle service, regardless of our income.

— Tony Costa, Colorado Springs

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