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Reader: We know where this destructive administration is headed


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President John Kennedy was fond of quoting the proverb: He who rides on the back of the tiger, often ends up inside.

We have seen plenty of that in the past few years, with catastrophic results. Republicans cozied up to the Religious Right and the preachers and the socially alienated, and John Birchers, known collectively as the tea party. Why not collect their votes, since the Republicans were the only game in town for them.

You know what happened. The Republican Party was eaten by the tea party. Fear was at the core. Fear of immigrants coming to take your jobs, liberals to take your guns, atheists to burn your bibles.

What to do?

Turn to the nastiest fear-monger of them all, one who promised to take you back to a time that never was. Get a villain, all the better if a woman could be blamed. Get a hero, and truth be damned.

We know where the new, destructive administration is headed: management, not labor; Wall Street, not Main Street; hatred of unions who protect workers; pharmaceutical companies, not patients; private insurance companies, goodbye company benefits. Attempts to fool the under-educated and "dumb-down" textbooks; private schools like Trump University, not public education.

What to do? Resist and rebuild. Join the worldwide protests. Civil, non-violent disobedience works as well now as it did for Martin Luther King and Gandhi. It worked in the 1960s and it will work now.

I was in the '60s movements, and it was dangerous and fun. We not only predicted we would overcome; we did overcome. Now, in the midst of the new disaster, we must do it again.

— Larimore Nicholl, Colorado Springs

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