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Reader: We are trash enablers


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I was driving over a bridge, saw smoke and looked down to see a trash pile in flames and burning along Fountain Creek. Somehow a fire truck got down there and firefighters were trying to put out the flames, with wind making it difficult. This was a trash “camp” set up by junkies and bums, and the firefighters and police face the danger of needle sticks, human waste and all sorts of other problems. I would hate to live downstream from these trash heaps.

So why do we allow this in our community? We need to require camping permits in designated sites to camp anywhere.

Now I keep reading letters saying these poor bums are homeless, and I would say, that ain’t so, it’s just that Anjuli Kapoor and Mark Silverstein won’t let them live in their homes. At least they could let them camp in their yards.

So Anjuli, if you don’t want to invite them into your yard, how about you and the Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission of the Vatican, rent a nice spot, like the pumpkin field (that they can no longer grow on) at Venetucci Farm, for them to camp on? And you look to do that providing a safe and clean place? How will you keep it safe and clean if they won’t clean up to go to the shelters that now exist?

My point is that there is a difference between compassionate caring and enabling.

— Gary King, Colorado Springs

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