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Reader: We are killing ourselves




With atrocious mass murders occurring every one or two weeks in the USA, I continue to wait for Second Amendment proponents to provide positive constructive proposals to at least decrease the shootings of our citizens. We kill ourselves at much greater rates than do any terrorists, illegal immigrants or by far any other country in the world.

I understand the rationale for being armed for self protection, hunting and even a militia to protect ourselves from enemies foreign and domestic. However, with the silence from Second Amendment advocates about how to stop/decrease mass shootings, I suppose we need to just helplessly accept dozens of our fellow citizens being regularly murdered because having full arsenals by every American is sacrosanct. I hope we become honest enough to admit we are willing to accept frequent mass shootings of schoolchildren, church members and concert goers because any gun control probably will not help, the liberals probably want to take our guns, the Constitution protects our right to any weapon of mass destruction we want to have and more guns are the only answer.

— Michael Fitzgibbons, Colorado Springs

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