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Reader: Watch your language



I recently read your article on the Banning Lewis Ranch (“Growing plains,” cover story, Jan. 31), and was disappointed in the biased way in which you introduced it. After talking about the mayor’s concern that development had leapfrogged the city, you reference the possible change in the annexation agreement “thereby encouraging them [developers] to turn stagnant land into blossoming subdivision.”

This was stated as if it was a matter of fact rather than simply the song and dance routine of pro-development forces, including the mayor. Land that isn’t covered in subdivisions and shopping malls isn’t by definition “stagnant” and land that is turned into a subdivision isn’t necessarily “blossoming.”

Using biased language like that misses the point that open space can have its own charm and validity apart from profiting developers and tax collectors. Your unfortunate choice of words set a biased and narrow tone for the entire article.

If those are the sentiments of the pro-development faction then that needed to be clearly stated, rather than sounding like it was a matter of fact.

— David Rudin, Colorado Springs

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