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Reader: Vote to keep our town moving forward


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Colorado Springs Forward is the newest incarnation of the radical right’s attempt to keep our town from repairing our homophobic image and attracting the companies and jobs lost due to this image.

CSF hired Amy Lathen, who had a half-page rant in the paper against marriage equality while she was a county commissioner!

Lynette Iverson Crow in District 5 makes her living by drug-testing employees. She would benefit by voting against legal marijuana.

Chuck Fowler in District 3 failed his neighbors during the Waldo Canyon Fire while working as manager of their homeowners association board. He will fail our city if given the chance.

Deborah Hendrix and Helen Collins are Doug Bruce all over again.

Please vote to keep our town truly moving forward. Vote for Jill Gaebler, Richard Skorman and Yolanda Avila.

— Carolyn Cathey, Colorado Springs

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