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Reader: Try something that actually serves a purpose




Jerry Bryant (Letters, March 21) provided a rather interesting perspective regarding contemporary private gun ownership and the cookie-cutter, knee-jerk, "feel good/accomplish nothing" desire for increased legislation currently en vogue with those who insist they know what's best for others.

For example, regarding the Second Amendment, he states that "In 1789, when the amendment was written, it was a far different time. The muskets were not the AR-15s of our generation." Except they totally were; essentially the best tech available, they allowed the citizenry to be on a relatively equal footing with the military.

And if "laws should change as society changes," then social media and computers wouldn't be currently valid forms of speech as delineated by the First Amendment, since such "rapid-fire" means of communication didn't exist back then.

Mr. Bryant, what you personally think and believe is fine, but it stops there, as you have no power — or right — to dictate what I, and your family, friends, neighbors and/or complete strangers may own.

You're certainly free to march with juveniles and "follow children" if so inclined, but as for me, I'll let adults with substantive, practical life experience and the ability to rationalize and determine proper courses of action decide appropriate policy when it comes to matters of such consequential domestic importance.

If you — and others — chose to participate in an activity on the 24th, I hope you were part of something substantive like a seminar regarding the Second Amendment and individual property rights, sponsoring a course regarding firearm safety, or conducting a fundraiser for victims of gun violence; you know, something tangibly constructive that actually serves a purpose regarding this matter.

— Jeff Faltz, Colorado Springs

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