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Reader: Trump overlooked a few other "wins"




On Thanksgiving Day Donald Trump boasted about winnings he claims credit for 10 months into his term. But he overlooked quite a few.

On Trump's watch, white supremacists are winning recruits and support. Anti-immigrant fanatics are winning. Discrimination is winning when used against the "wrong" race or color or religion or nationality or sexual orientation. Voting rights suppression efforts are winning.

Meanwhile millionaires and billionaires have won governmental appointments in the never-drained swamp. In picking judges, political orthodoxy is winning over professional qualifications. Tax code rewrites are a win for the wealthy. Mega-corporations are poised to win control of the internet. Shredders of the social safety net and shrinkers of health care coverage are winning. Relaxed oversight is a win for polluters of the planet, and for too-big-to-fail banks.

Elsewhere spurious spin is winning over sound science, just as gullibility is winning over fact-checking amid the nonstop flood of Trumpian phantasms. Speaking of gullible, who can forget that Trump gives Vladimir Putin a win over our national security agencies on the question of credibility.

It goes without saying that Twitter is winning the prize for how much presidential nonsense and insult social media can handle. In the leader of our once globally honored nation, the world sees bombast and boorishness repeatedly winning over dignity and decency.

Trump promised during the 2016 campaign we would get tired of "so much winning" that he would bring about. Mr. President, you were right about that. A lot of us are mighty tired of these kinds of winning.

— Ken Burrows, Colorado Springs

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