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Reader: Trump declared victory for the "white rage" and ignorance in the GOP


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Recently a beaming President Trump posed with Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent in the Oval Office; it sent a very distinct message. Every president tells us something about the image he wants to project through the entertainers, celebrities and sports figures he invites to the White House. Harry Truman played host to Duke Ellington, John Kennedy to Frank Sinatra, Richard Nixon to Elvis Presley; Barack Obama brought "a rotation of popular and esteemed black artists."

What do Trump's visitors tell us? Beloved in red states, Kid Rock has flown the Confederate flag and told black protesters to "kiss my ass." Nugent denounced Obama and called his supporters "pimps, whores and welfare brats." Palin repeatedly attacked Obama as un-American. All three stand for a reactionary, low-information, non-thinking Republican base. Trump was declaring victory for the "white rage" and ignorance in the GOP.

— Ron Lowe, Nevada City, California

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