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Reader: Transit Mix is just dangling a carrot



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Transit Mix dangles a carrot for the Highway 115 stone quarry — give us our quarry and we'll do away with the "scar on the mountain."

How many years has Transit Mix promised to do something about the scar on the mountain? Are they putting up the money for the bike park? Where will funding come from to maintain a bike park if it can be built?

They are pitting two groups against each other for their gain — bike enthusiasts against about 150 homeowners and The Aiken Canyon Preserve, all in the Hitch Rack area where Transit Mix wants to put a quarry.

The balance of the 150 homeowners are hardworking folks that built homes and made up their community along with The Aiken Canyon Preserve, which provides habitat for bird species. These folks will probably lose their water wells once a quarry starts to blast.

They did not ask to move next to a quarry — Transit Mix is asking to move a quarry next to them.

Hundreds of new trucks will dump onto Highway 115, which is already terribly dangerous and always in bad repair due to heavy truck traffic from the existing four quarries that use it. Many lives have been lost. Trucks jockey for space along with other traffic from Penrose and Cañon City and many residents use 115 to shop and work in Colorado Springs.

Transit Mix is not locally owned. Their owners will not be driving Highway 115. Our citizens do, and we need to be as safe as possible. Adding these trucks that will be crossing southbound traffic, making left turns into northbound traffic is a plan for disaster, and there will be more terrible accidents.

— Paul and Lola Nafziger, Barrett Road, Colorado Springs

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