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Reader: Time to say "No"




Regarding "FEMA money used to buy out pricey landslide-damaged homes,": Excuse, me! You don't put structures or roads in known and documented slide areas. A city planning commission or city council does not approve construction projects in known and documented slide areas. The city is on the hook for these bad decisions and how FEMA got roped into helping boggles the mind. The city should make these homeowners whole and write the check. The city is responsible for these bad decisions. The same goes for allowing construction projects in sinkhole areas. The city is liable.

Check the fine print of your homeowners insurance to see if you're covered for structure movement. The Centennial extension near Fillmore Street is in a slide area. If it is constructed it will be a maintenance nightmare, even stabilizing the area with 100-foot pylons. It will suck a disproportionate amount of money from road funding. It's time to use the word "No" when evaluating these projects that pose a danger.

— Gary Casimir

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