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Reader: This is horsesh*t




An open letter to the person who took his or her horse out on the New Santa Fe Trail between Woodmen Road and the U.S. Air Force Academy on the weekend of May 5: I hope your horse is OK after it had that massive gastrointestinal emergency last weekend on the trail. At least I assume that your horse experienced a sudden and violent bout of diarrhea while you both were on the trail, because of all the horse poop was left all over the public trail for over a distance of almost a mile. I also assume that you didn't stop to clean up after your horse because you were so worried about your horse's health that you had to get it to the veterinarian as quickly as possible.

So, I hope you got your horse to the doctor in time and that it is recovering from its health scare quite nicely. Because if it was the case that your horse wasn't in some sort of life-and-death situation, I have to wonder what kind of a person would bring a 1,500-pound animal onto a PUBLIC trail and then allow it to befoul so much of it without apparently making any effort to clean it up. When my 12-pound shih-tzu takes a dump on public property, I have the common courtesy to clean up after her.

Again, here's hoping your horse is feeling better.

— Matt Goolsby, Colorado Springs

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