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Reader: These times call for public transit




Colorado, like most of the United States suffers from a poor public transport system. Despite the large population, the state has minimal public transport options. The only option for travel between cities is the Bustang and other small companies which are vastly outmatched in comparison to the public transport system in European countries like Italy. The fact is that there is not an economical solution for travel between cities along the Front Range unless one owns a car.

Currently, due to the lack of good public transit, it is necessary for Coloradans to own a car just to commute. But this results in more traffic that causes accidents, which increases travel times. In addition, the state puts enormous amounts of tax dollars into maintaining the roads. In the recent local ballot, this very issue came up in regards to I-25. This is part of this country's general problem of crumbling infrastructure.

The solution to this problem may very well be public transport. If the state would build a rail system for passengers from Colorado Springs to Denver or Pueblo, the state economy would improve by allowing workers to travel between cities. The infrastructure will improve because of less car traffic, allowing for adequate maintenance.

With the Southwest Chief and Front Range Passenger Rail Commission set to submit a plan for this by Dec. 1, the time is now to improve our state. If we would realize that the times necessitate public transit, we could improve our lives and those of generations to come by taking action!

— Joshua Wojcik, Colorado Springs

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