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Reader: There's a storm a comin'




Re: "City slammed in EPA lawsuit ruling; could stormwater fees be increased?" (Nov. 12).

At some point, the citizens have to blame themselves. Both the people who lived in the Springs before and voted down the stormwater tax back in 2009 and the newcomers who have moved into their idyllic new-build homes but didn't care that the Springs doesn't have its own water resources and must drain the rest of the state of its livelihood to live where they want.

If you want to live somewhere that doesn't have either its own water resources or a good way to treat and move the discarded water downstream then you must pay — and pay out the nose! Good for the EPA and CDPHE for holding accountable the worst neighbor that southern Colorado, and the Western Slope, has ever had. Couldn't happen to a bigger group of uncaring individuals.

— Bill Simms

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