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Reader: There is only one way to survive a nuclear war



It was heartbreaking to watch the citizens of Hawaii recently fleeing down freeways on foot after leaving their cars, looking for a tunnel to shelter themselves from an incoming nuclear attack. They had been warned, “This is not a drill.” It’s also pathetic to see news stories of rich folks building bunkers on their property for defense from a nuclear war.

Here’s what you would have to survive if a nuclear war hits you:

Flash: If you are startled by the flash and look at it, it will permanently blind you miles away.

Blast: This is when your bunker or tunnel comes down and crushes your rib cage. The crater left behind would be many yards deep, so you would need an elevator many feet down to your bunker and be lucky enough to get to it in time. The blast and heat would melt the elevator, so you would need a metal-cutter to break out of the place.

Fire storm: Your shelter would need an independent air supply, since the fire storm would suck all the air out. Example: When the British firebombed the city of Dresden during WWII, Germans taking shelter in subway tunnels were found suffocated since the city produced a fire storm above them, sucking out all the air.

Heavy radiation: If you emerge from your shelter, you would find a nation of radioactive craters, millions of rotting bodies, non-existent power grid or electricity, no transportation system or food distribution — the end of civilization. Nor could the world ever achieve this level again, since too many natural resources have been already used to get us this far.

No wonder it was said during the Cold War, that if nuclear war comes, “The living will envy the dead.”

It also was said, “If you get the nuclear alert, put your head between your knees, and kiss your ass goodbye.”

The one and only way to survive a nuclear war, is not to have one. There is no other route to survival.

— Larimore Nicholl, Colorado Springs

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