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Reader: There are plenty of things we're not permitted to own already




"Gun lessons" by Jeff Faltz (Letters, March 28) in reaction to Jerry Bryant did not quite make the logical threshold. The best modern killing technology is not the AR-15. To be on an equal footing I would need a missile launcher in my backyard. The list of war tech I would need would be staggering, and that tech does not go with my flowers.

Of course we have many things we are not permitted to own. For example: other people, a meth lab, and much more. And there are limits on many things. For example: How much you can drink before passing out and how long you will live.

Thomas Jefferson said you are free unless you pick my pocket or break my leg. I think blowing off a kid's leg is an "unless." I would like to limit the tech that made that possible.

I am old and a great shot. My sister was the third best shot in Colorado. That was in 1954 after an all-night prom. I have guns and have hunted, but they do not define me.

Back to limits... since Jeff chose to disrespect those dedicated and brilliant kids by using the terms "juveniles" and "follow children," I will mention that obviously his "substantive practical life experience" and "ability to rationalize" are limited.

— Janie Knickerbocker, Colorado Springs

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