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Reader: The timing of the movement couldn't be better


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I am proudly a member of the "old guard" in the El Paso County Democratic Party, since I have been a sustaining donor and frequent party official for the past 15 years ("Dem(oralized)," News, July 12).

Last year, I was deeply saddened by the intense controversy that engulfed the party during the caucus and assembly process between the Sanders and Clinton supporters. I feared that the "new guard" of Sanders supporters would drop out and withdraw from political activity as occurred with the "new guard" of Obama supporters in 2008.

But that did not happen. Instead, the November election committed many of these people to move on from the romance of rebellion and resistance to the hard and often unromantic work of political organization. They obviously cared deeply about the well-being of the community and the country and so embraced the county party organization.

The new leadership, with all of their enthusiasm and dedication, had much to learn about the realities of political organization, but proceeded to do so in very difficult circumstances. Since the party elections in February, I have watched month by month as they have tackled very difficult and complex problems, perhaps beginning with naïve enthusiasm, but quickly transforming into hard-headed reality. In January, I was weary and ready to retire from local politics, but I believe now the county party is on the verge of flowering into the full-blown progressive voice that El Paso County so desperately needs.

The timing for the movement could not be better as we watch the continuing decline of local Republican government and the erosion of Republican Party registration numbers in important areas of the county.

I hope thoughtful voters across the county will actively support the El Paso County Democratic Party and take advantage of the opportunities for political involvement that the party provides.

— John Morris, Colorado Springs

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