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Reader: The Sheriff's blatant disregard for due process




Retaliation for reporting wrongdoing of public officials is illegal... wait, these are the police so they have their own "bill of rights." [Sheriff Bill Elder's firing of Sgt. Keith Duda] is a blatant disregard for due process.

If you've ever worked for government and ruffle feathers, then you'll recognize the words in the notification of intent to terminate. Suddenly, issues of trust and integrity emerge. Then a "neutral employment investigation" claims that Duda "...initiated and conducted political activity." Joke. There is never a neutral investigation when charges of illegality are levied at the very agency handling the investigation.

Bill Elder is a buffoon, a court jester in the county's corrupt court of officials. I hope Sgt. Duda sues him, the county and anyone else trying to cover up claims of sexual harassment on the force.

The police talk about honor and service. But all I see here is dishonor and disservice, which have become the hallmarks of police behavior in modern America.

— John Foster

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