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Reader: The NRA is winning




On Oct. 1, a gunman on the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel opened fire on an outdoor music festival, killing 59 people — including two off-duty police officers — and wounding 527. The lone gunman killed himself.

Incongruous though it might be, while Las Vegas and the rest of the nation are mourning these latest dead, the U.S. House of Representatives could pass GOP legislation — backed by the NRA — that would roll back decades-old restrictions on gun silencers, opening up the market for a device that critics say would make it difficult in a mass shooting to detect where gunfire is coming from. The House is also expected to move on separate legislation that would allow people to carry their legally concealed weapons across state lines into jurisdictions that tightly restrict weapons concealment.

The state of our gun laws is not controlled by the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment or the gun industry, but the NRA. And so far the NRA is winning the political battle on gun laws.

And after all the sound and fury is over for this latest mass killing, the cycle of killings, hand-wringing and mourning will likely continue ad infinitum.

— Ralph E. Stone, San Francisco

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