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Reader: The difference is between disagreement and judgment




In his "Response to a 'sinner'" letter, Rev. Tommy Latham wrote, "However, the LGBTQ group should realize that 'evangelicals,' as a whole, believe homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible..." He goes on to say this is OK because "We are all sinners."

The obvious (and glaring) problem with this rationale is that Rev. Latham is forgetting most people desire to fix themselves. One of the reasons that people attend church services is to (purportedly) work on their lives and grow as a person. Perhaps Rev. Latham can clarify for those in the community who feel like they have nothing to fix about their sexuality, yet are told that it is a "sin."

It seems to be in vogue for the poor downtrodden Bible-believer to identify as the victim in public discourse, and I don't think that there is any reason to believe this. Whether I am a straight Bible-believing Christian, straight atheist or gay agnostic, I am responsible for myself. My disagreement with another person over religious beliefs does not necessarily qualify as oppression, but my judgment of that person for their hair color, their skin color or their sexuality can.

The clear difference is between disagreement and judgment. It is easy to say that it is not me who judges, but rather it is my chosen deity. This partly relieves me of responsibility for my actions and leads to religious zealots.

Perhaps this is the source of Mallory Everhart's tension and is the reason why she felt obliged to speak out. Ms. Everhart may be reaching in some of her claims, but in a society that has been influenced heavily by puritanical ideology in formulation of both laws and mores, it is not hard to imagine why someone in the LGBTQ community feels like there is a wound that was caused by these Bible-based beliefs.

— Sam Byrne, Colorado Springs

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