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Reader: The blue frame was bound to fail




After public uproar forced the city to suddenly remove its misbegotten project from Garden of the Gods' high point, I'm sure the folks on the Olympic City USA Taskforce are wondering what went wrong.

The official statement offers a clue. "The blue frame in Garden of the Gods Park was conceived by the marketing advisors on the Olympic City USA Taskforce..."

"Marketing advisors." That's your problem right there. Only marketing advisors could focus so exclusively on the tourist "market" as to see fit to deliberately ignore the feelings of anyone else — such as the locals — in the quest to install their chosen "marketing tool" to reach their target audience. If you think the avoidance of any public process in approving and installing this aesthetic atrocity was inadvertent, I've got a bridge in New York to sell you.

And only someone in marketing could think that using a glaringly incongruous, bright blue monstrosity to convey the equally incongruous message that Colorado Springs is the "Olympic City" in the middle of a place of natural beauty, was somehow a good idea.

The defacing of natural beauty by an egregious eyesore, and the subversion of public process involved in its approval, perfectly illustrate what Bill Hicks said of people in advertising and marketing, "You are the ruiner of all things good." Fortunately, this being the United States of America, the public did not docilely submit to a fait accompli that had been surreptitiously foisted upon them. The authorities, though blinded by the corrupting influence of marketing and advertising, were made to feel the heat, and quickly submitted to their masters.

— Kurt Foster, Colorado Springs

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